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Newest Balenciaga Speed Trainer Balenciaga Shop In AU

Posted by admin 06/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Newest Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White Balenciaga Shop
If you love fashion, Cheap Balenciaga but also happens to be a sneakerhead, I believe you were a pair of shoes earlier this year Balenciaga Speed ​​Trainer socks shoes.
In January of this year, Discount Balenciaga launched a new pair of shoes called "Speed ​​Trainer", a combination of sports shoe sole and woven socks and shoe body, instantly became a burst, a lot of stars and the trend of ICON big coffee Have one after another.
Before the formal introduction of these shoes, leaves first want to talk about the hot in recent years, "socks" sneakers.
Since last year, Balenciaga Speed Trainer socks and sneakers have dominated the shoes market, if there is no one or two pairs of socks shoes, are embarrassed to say that they are "broken shoes".
Sock-style shoes, as the name implies, the biggest characteristic is "socks," emphasizing the "socks" on the full package of feet, can provide more for your ankle fixed protection. As early as 2000, Nike's HTM team went to Japan to make socks companies and made socks made of a knitting machine, creating the first Nike-style computer-woven "sock-style" shoes. Nike later you see a large number of "socks shoes", mostly from this skill and technology.
Although "socks shoes" have come out for some time, but it really hot up, but also attributed to high-end sports and leisure brand Y-3. Known as avant-garde design Y-3, tire-type outsole and sock-style body can be said that the shoe's iconic appearance. Later, with the gradual popularity of the Y-3, the design of the sock-style shoe body has also started to become popular.
"Socks" shoes are mostly used high-top, high-cylinder design, omitted the tongue, and some even simply do not want the shoelaces. This monotonous design can be called a shoe? Later, as more shoes with texture design release, but also gradually feel "Oh, it seems okay."
Back to today this pair of Balenciaga Speed Trainer Running Shoes socks shoes.
It is hot or we New Year's Day, what the right to wear the right Zhilong foot debut in Paris vetements show, did not expect this time inadvertently "rifle fire", instantly detonated the point of view, a lot of stars and Fashion tide people have "follow".
This Balenciaga "Speed ​​Trainer" has a total of black and white and high school to help both the color and style release, the choice of the latest popular woven materials, integrated into the socks design, minimalist knit vamps, no chaos eye complex design, only the brand Name BALENCIAGA words embellishment, and geometrically textured white soles also joined the MEMORY memory system, making the shoe so fit arch, with a knit sock uppers, providing a comfortable and superior wear feeling. It is worth mentioning that this shoe is very light, weighs only 240 grams.
We do not rush to conclude its beauty and ugliness,Balenciaga Speed Trainer AU it is such a slightly weird pair of sports shoes, but also once sold out too. At present, many star influx of people have been on the foot of the pressure of the road.
From the design concept style point of view, although it is the new designer BALENCIAGA took over the new product designer, but from the appearance point of view, the continuation of the previous high street style Balenciaga design concept, simple black and white veins, pole With a high-end street style streamlined appearance and a strong sense of movement, people think that more watchful.
From the wear level, it fit the nowadays most popular retro style of movement and high street style, so use it to match sports retro and high street style is absolutely not wrong.